Welcome to Grant’s, at the famous Monticello Hotel! Here at Grant’s, we wanted to keep the original feeling and setting of being in a historic building, such as the Monticello, and also add a touch of modern-day fine dining. Grant and Sherry have had separate careers over their 21 years of marriage, and eventually decided opening “Grant’s” would be a perfect scenario where they could use both of their professions, together.  

Grant has had a lifetime worth of experience in the restaurant business, starting from a busboy, moving on to serving, bartending, managing, and now to running his own restaurant! Pairing his knowledge and skills with Sherry’s financial-savvy experience, they decided a fine dining restaurant would be the perfect fit for not only them, but the community and town that has been so good to them over the years. 

One thing Grant and Sherry emphasize is having fun, and if you know Grant, then “GO STEELERS!”